Automating LTD

Automating LTD manages our miscellaneous projects both online and in real life. This ranges from typing practice websites to website hosting whilst it's been tested out for release.

Axcel Games Limited

Axcel Games Limited manages all of our Minecraft servers. We manage and operate a range of servers from Hardcore Factions to Skyblock in a variety of game versions.

Runix LTD

Runix LTD offers website development services as we believe having a website presence in the 21st century is a necessity, to have a thriving business and stand out against competitors.

Cylme LTD

Cylme LTD is currently a dormant company however, we have plans to offer bookkeeping services once our founder has completed the ICB course.

Volt Studios Limited

Volt Studios Limited manages all of our online products aimed at Minecraft server owners. These range from Minecraft builds to configs. All of the products can be found on BuiltByBit.

Panguin Media Limited

Panguin Media Limited is a media company that focuses on producing content for social media platforms. It was founded by samcgjones Limited to manage our various accounts.

NM Hosting LTD

NM Hosting LTD is a joint web hosting venture between samcgjones Limited and Mathijs. samcgjones Limited operates the company in the UK on behalf of Mathijs.